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About Us

Meet the founder behind WhistleStop. We would love to hear from you or have the opportunity to demonstrate WhistleStop's technical prowess. Contact us today with any questions!

Our Story

WhistleStop is a product seven years in the making. 

Keith Fogleman, a veteran basketball official, experienced first hand the trials of clock management at the collegiate level. Keith had the notion to develop a device that eliminates clock malfunctions and endless monitor reviews. By incorporating technological advancements, he has developed a product that is intuitive and groundbreaking. We truly believe that WhistleStop will revolutionize game management for any sport.

Meet The Founder Behind WhistleStop

Keith Fogleman is a seasoned referee who understands the nuances of the game and the importance of proper and reliable clock management. Keith is a NCAA Basketball Official and has been officiating NCAA Division I basketball games for twenty years. He believes that referees should only have to officiate the game and not the clock. 

The Founder
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