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The future of game clock management is here.

Every contest needs the latest easy-to-use technology for clock management. WhistleStop is ready and affordable for everyone.

Who we are?

Keith Fogleman, a veteran official, experienced firsthand the frustration and trials of clock management at the collegiate level. 

Keith had a vision for a device that would eliminate clock malfunctions and endless monitor reviews in basketball. He believed that by improving technology, "officials could officiate the game and not the game clock." 

This technology is now a reality for baseball, softball, basketball and football.   

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WhistleStop has developed WS Hardwood for Basketball, WS Diamond for Baseball and Softball and is finalizing the development of WS Gridiron for Football.

Our products

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WS Diamond provides a standardized solution for pitch clock administration and enforcement. Umpires will no longer have to take their focus off the pitcher and batter’s box.

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 WS Gridiron allows the back judge to focus more fully on pre-snap responsibilities while providing an active tool for pace of play rule enforcement.

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